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Evil and Company Contest Entry by ChibiAura Evil and Company Contest Entry by ChibiAura
This is my entry for the Evil and Company contest at the Seventh Sanctum site [link]

You have the villianess Witchpassion (the Evil Name Generator) and her evil minions, the Shadow Wraiths (the Dark Minion Generator)

Witchpassion is an evil sorceress who uses dark magic to control and terrorize all of Espandius. The source of Witchpassion’s power is the Witch’s Medallion, a powerful talisman that filled with darkness, hatred, and a lot of other negative energies. With the help of her Shadow Wraiths, dark, ghostly creatures neither living nor dead, Witchpassion has brought all of Espandius to its knees. Witchpassion is a sadistic, malevolent woman who enjoys watching the suffering of others. She also has a bit of a vain streak in her as she believed she is the most beautiful and the most powerful being to ever live. This goes so far that if she feels that someone else is moving in on her territory Witchpassion will capture them and make them suffer. No one is brave enough to stand up to Witchpassion and anyone who does work the smallest bit of courage to rebel against her she’ll use her dark magic to quickly put an to them and bring more fear to the people of Espandius by making an example out of the rebels. Witchpassion has proven time and again why she is the most feared ruler Espandius has ever lived.

Origins ~

Witchpassion wasn’t always a dark and wicked sorceress. Her name was once Suzukei, a young woman who was born a celestial scion, very powerful beings whose powers are a mixture of light and cosmic power. As a celestial scion, Suzukei underwent training at the Nova Citadel to become a guardian and a protector over Espandius. Suzukei trained with an older scion named Hoshisawa who also trained Fujihara, Suzukei’s best friend and rival.

Because Suzukei was still a protégé she and Fujihara still had to do a considerable amount of studying for their line of work. They probably did more studying than they did physical training. One of the subjects they are taught are the special items that are all over Espandius that are heavily guarded by the scions. One of these many items is the infamous Witch’s Medallion, a powerful talisman known for its dark power and negative influence. It has the power to grant the holder increased strength and power along with other abilities. It is held deep inside the Serpent’s Cave where the public can’t easily get to it and scions guard it heavily. They were warned that because the Witch’s Medallion emits so much negative energy it would be unsafe for someone as inexperienced as them to even go near the cave. But Suzukei became very interested in the Witch’s Medallion and the power it can give the holder. For some strange reason, Suzukei believed that it could not all be evil and that may be it could be used for good. But Fujihara warned her that there is nothing good that can come out of using the Witch’s Medallion and that it’s not very becoming of a scion to be even thinking about using anything associated with pure evil. For a while, Suzukei had seemed to have forgotten all about the medallion after their little chat. But later on, in the middle of the night, Suzukei snuck out from the Nova Citadel and went to the Serpent’s Cave against her mentor’s advice. When Suzukei got to the cave where the Witch’s Medallion was had she felt a strange heaviness come over her. Despite the feeling she got Suzukei went into the cave and continued down the path that lead to the Witch’s Medallion. The closer Suzukei got to the medallion the more sickening and heavy the feeling got but she still continued down the path. By the time she found the Witch’s Medallion Suzukei could barely stand on her feet. But in spite of this Suzukei continued to swap out the medallion for a fake one she made and took back with her to the Nova Citadel where she kept it hidden from everyone else.

For weeks, Suzukei went into some nearby woods do some secret training with the Witch’s Medallion even though it severely weakened her. She had to be as discreet as possible especially since the other scions discovered the medallion had been stolen. But the more she was around the medallion the less it drained her until she was strong enough to be around its power without feeling sick to her stomach. The only problem was that her original intentions for using the medallion soon turned to her only wanting to use it for her own selfish desires. The more Suzukei used the medallion the more evil and dark she became until Suzukei was hardly the person she once was. The other scions started to notice the change in Suzukei as well, especially Hoshisawa and Fujihara. The sweet, kind-hearted young woman they once knew slowly turned into a cold, distant, moody, and rather dark person. Fujihara became very concerned for her best friend.

One day, Fujihara followed Suzukei into the woods where she spied Suzukei with the Witch’s Medallion. The Witch’s Medallion had given Suzukei great power and she using it to destroy spots in the woods and to pick on the woodland creatures. Before Fujihara could come out of hiding Suzukei knew she was there without suspicion. Fujihara tried reasoning with Suzukei and tried to convince her that if she gave the medallion back the other scions they would probably go easy on her. But Suzukei told her that she had become more powerful than she had ever been in her entire life and that she didn’t need the scions anymore. As Suzukei rose into the air a dark aura surrounded her and Suzukei blasted Fujihara with dark energy and took off like a black bolt of lightning. Once Fujihara regained consciousness she rushed back to the citadel and told the other scions what happened to Suzukei. While the scions decided that she had to be stop by any means necessary Fujihara pleaded with Hoshisawa to do anything he could to change Suzukei back to her old self. Hoshisawa didn’t make any promises that everything would go well but he did agree to whatever he could to save Suzukei.

Meanwhile, in a nearby village Suzukei decided to test out her new powers on the unsuspecting villagers. By the time the scions found her Suzukei had already destroyed have the village and stolen half the possessions there. The scions tried to reason with her and even agreed not to give her a harsh punishment for her crimes. But Suzukei only laughed and said that she didn’t them anymore and that she possesses more power than any of them combined. They had no other choice but to stop Suzukei even if it meant possibly killing her. Suzukei put up a good fight herself but she still had a hard time defeating them. That’s when Suzukei introduced her new associates, the Shadow Wraiths. With the scions out numbered by Suzukei and the Shadows the scions were easily defeated and destroyed including Hoshisawa, her teacher.

Back at the Nova Citadel, Fujihara waited for the other scions to return with Suzukei. But instead, Suzukei returned alone and summoned more Shadow Wraiths to go all over the citadel and destroy every scion in sight. Fujihara confronted Suzukei and tried to reason with her once more. But Suzukei insisted that she didn’t need the scions anymore and neither did all of Espandius. Seeing no other way out Fujihara was forced to fight against her long time best friend Suzukei. Fujihara fought long and hard against her but it wasn’t enough. With one, dark, fatal blast Suzukei ended the battle and finished Fujihara off. After she destroyed the Nova Citadel and killed all the scions she proceeded to take over all of Espandius and placed a curse that would kill any scion born on Espandius before they even reach the age of eight. From then one, Suzukei became known as Witchpassion and has brought fear to all and made sure that no one will ever take away her power. Now, she rules Espandius with an iron fist and there seems to be no stopping her.

The Shadow Wraiths ~

The Shadow Wraiths are Witchpassions evil minions. The Shadow Wraiths are dark, ghostlyy, shapeshifting entities who are all to eager to kill. And the worse part in that they can be anywhere in Espandius. In the picture above are the standard Shadow Wraiths (in a row at the bottom), the flying Shadow Wraiths (top right, just above Witchpassions right wing), the creeping Shadow Wraiths (top right behind the flying Wraith), the crawling Shadow Wraith, which can crawl on land and swim under water (behind the creeping wraith), and that mystery wraith on the left (also has an eye shot of Witchpassions former self).
ShadowMere28 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
This is so...EPIC!!! Have you ever considered writing a story involving her?
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